Expert in various transfer and conveyor solutions

LEKO Engineering is a unit of Siirtoruuvi Oy, and its products and services go by the name LEKO Conveyors. Siirtoruuvi Oy is a company specialized in the sales, design and manufacturing of various transfer and conveyor solutions that has been operating since 1977. Most of our revenue comes from export. We supply products globally for different industry sectors. We study the customer’s processes and value chain to offer them optimal transfer and conveyor solutions. Our two product sectors and expert staff guarantee the right product for the right use.

We are part of the LEKO Group. In addition to high-quality products, our assets include the synergy between group companies and a long tradition in the management of demanding customer projects at sea, in ports, in the fertilizer industry, in the production of fossil and renewable energy, and in the engineering construction and manufacturing industries.


We supply companies of different industry sectors with competitive, high-quality products tailored to meet their needs. Our operations are based on improving the success of our customers.


We are a reliable employer and cooperating partner. Our point of honour is to do as we have promised.
We take care of each other’s well-being and safety, and operate in respect of nature and the surrounding community.


We are a solid and growing enterprise that others wish to partner with. We are a sought-after, valued employer.







  • All-in-1 solutions, manufacturing and consulting for transfer and conveyor processes
  • Developing and manufacturing customer products

Standard and tailored screw conveyors

Screw conveyors, screw pumps, conveyor screws, screw lifts, dilution screws, screw flights, screw bottoms, shredder screws.

LEKO Conveyors and material handling solutions

Belt conveyors, scraper conveyors, elevators, receiving hoppers, funnels, screens, silos, ship loaders, ramps, support structures, and heavy or lightweight gangways.

Life cycle services

  • Supply of spare parts directly from the maintenance service of our factory
  • Servicing and modifying conveyors (all models)